Mike’s mission is to give clients new ways to think about their businesses, help them find new pathways to key strategic decisions, sharpen their communications with clients and prospects, and give them action ideas they can implement right away without making big, disruptive and costly changes in their organization.

He’s active in both coaching and consulting — coaching to increase a client’s own personal capability in an area, and consulting to bring his expertise to help solve a business problem or address a business opportunity.

His work focuses on three primary client groups:

  • Helps closely-held businesses and professional practices define and enrich their products and services, target marketing, client communications, and manage resources, staffing and key relationships so they can offer more to their customers.
  • Helps HR professionals integrate performance management into the daily project work of the organization so managers can better predict successful results and associates can plan for performance improvement as part of the regular project planning process.
  • Helps corporate executives get better results for their customers and their company and more on-the-job satisfaction for themselves.

He’s been a working manager and an executive in a large organization for 25 years, worked as an attorney in private practice and in a corporate law department.  He’s managed hundreds of people and written dozens of performance reviews. He knows how to balance the needs of the organization with those of the people needed to get the job done, both in-house and outsourced. He understands and empathizes with people running their own business or professional practices, and knows first-hand what it means to serve customers.

Mike has an undergraduate degree from the University of Delaware and a J.D. and Master of Laws (LL.M) from Temple University.

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