A “Question Of The Week” They Can Ask (And Answer!) Themselves

Written by Mike Shapiro | July 7, 2015

I really liked this short but important article — Hiring Wisdom: Information And Engagement Go Hand In Hand — that talks about the importance of engagement in the workplace and recommends asking associates a Question of the Week for discussion at the weekly staff meeting.  The examples given in the article are from the point of view […]

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A Lesson In Client Communications…From The Car Wash

Written by Mike Shapiro | June 30, 2015

It turns out you can learn a lot from a car wash about communicating to stakeholders about the status of your project. There are two kinds of car wash set-ups — one where you stay in your car all the way through and the other kind where you get out of your car and it goes through […]

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Taylor Swift Power Letter Highlights A Must-Do Practice For Every Business

Written by Mike Shapiro | June 25, 2015

By now, most everyone’s heard about the Apple goof and re-boot — where they were ready to fire up their new Apple Music service without paying artists during the free-trial period.  Taylor Swift wrote an open letter to Apple, and they quickly reversed their position.  It’s noteworthy that words like “Apple caves” have been used […]

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When Hiring Game-Changers, Look For “Quiet” Skills Too

Written by Mike Shapiro | June 19, 2015

In Dr. John Sullivan’s 2-part article Isn’t LeBron Amazing…. he examines the idea of  hiring a “corporate game-changer” — the benefits such a move can bring and the qualities to look for in the hiring process. When going after a high-profile candidate, it’s wise to take time to examine some of the subtle things that make your […]

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When It Comes To Storytelling, Why Should The Boss Have All The Fun?

Written by Mike Shapiro | June 9, 2015

How many times have we heard that leaders should be great storytellers?  The idea here is that leaders should use stories to highlight good things happening in the areas he or she manages, to give a shout-out to those responsible and to generally motivate the entire team.  Or, to borrow stories from other other industries […]

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We’ll Take Good Solutions, From Whatever “Realm,” But…

Written by Mike Shapiro | June 4, 2015

In her WSJ article, Jane McGonigal says virtual reality may come to be considered as authentic as everyday life. The popularity of games and books about fantastical worlds like Game of Thrones, Hunger Games and Harry Potter proves that people want to get away from reality which they may consider boring and humdrum. That’s too bad, […]

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Thoughts On “Six Secrets To Success At Work”

Written by Mike Shapiro | June 3, 2015

Jack and Suzy Welch got a great discussion going about things we should all focus on in their article Six Secrets To Success At Work.  Here are the six Secrets they describe and some of my own thoughts about them: 1.  Find where your passion and skills intersect.  This reminds me of the exercises in “What Color […]

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Generalizing About “What Millennials Want” Isn’t That Helpful

Written by Mike Shapiro | June 2, 2015

Caroline Fairchild posted a great article on LinkedIn about a problem that keeps CEOs awake. It’s tough — and probably not that helpful — to try to generalize about what Millennials want, except to say that they are not as much influenced by what those in the power structure want for them or think they should […]

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Why This Blog?

Written by Mike Shapiro | May 19, 2015

Reading and thinking about these posts will help you…

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Before You Go To The Table, Get To Know The Other Players

Written by Mike Shapiro | April 27, 2015

Most of the advice you’ll see about preparing for a meeting with a prospective client includes learning as much as you can about the prospect and his/her needs and deciding what you want to get out of the meeting.  And, while those things are critical, they won’t get you where you want to go. If […]

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