Are You Struggling With Performance Management?

6 Step Process For Better Performance

Are you struggling to align your performance appraisals with your original project planning and causing confusion and disconnect with employees?

Performance Management Worksheet
Mike Shapiro

Mike Shapiro

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Why does everyone hate performance appraisals?

The main reason for the problem is an obvious conflict between Project Planning as it’s usually done, and the typical Performance Appraisal system.

Is your Project Planning forward-focused, results-oriented (i.e., WHAT was accomplished?) and driven by the functional area?

Are your Performance Appraisals done after the fact, in rear-view perspective, competencies (i.e., HOW were the results attained?) and driven by the company or HR department?

Download your Project Performance Worksheet and get THE  simple fix is to bring Performance Management right up front in the planning stages of a project and integrate it into the Project Planning process.

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