Your Software Startup Can Use Big Company Tools And Techniques

Written by Mike Shapiro | | April 14, 2016

When someone gets their new startup going, the common wisdom says that, while there are a host of challenges, at least the founders of this new, agile little company will be free of the constraints of the big company environment.

Not so fast. Sure, it’s a lot easier to steer a small boat vs. a big ship. But that big ship enjoys a bunch of advantages. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice them when running your SaaS company. You can put many of the techniques to work for your startup, once you know how to scale them to fit your business.

Here’s a list of the Big Company attributes, their Apparent — or perceived — Downsides and Hidden Benefits and the way your SaaS company can emulate those attributes.

Big Company Secrets 2Sure, enjoy the advantages of having your own company. But don’t be too quick to dismiss the advantages of the Big Guys, or overlook the ways you can borrow those techniques and enjoy the same benefits.