Why You Should Get Mike Shapiro To Speak At Your Meeting…

Mike Shapiro Giving A Seminar

If you’re taking time out of your regular work for a planning meeting, you want to make sure there’s going to be a benefit to your customers, your team and the company.

Mike addresses the challenges and problems you’ve got right in front of you, and provides new ways to look at your daily work — tools and techniques everyone can implement right away when you get back to the office, without waiting for “buy-in” or “approvals.”

Here are some examples of seminars I offer with real take-home benefits:

  • Our folks are dreading Performance Appraisal time. Is there any way to integrate Performance Management into regular Project Planning that will help managers bring more results-relevancy to performance management, and let associates see the process as beneficial to their development?
  • With our work being done by a combination of full-time and part-time staff, consultants and vendors, how can we get and keep everyone on the same page?
  • How can we do a better job of handling difficult customers?
  • How can we identify and develop our new leaders?
  • With tighter budgets and variable work flow, how can we get a better handle on staffing issues?
  • We’ve been notified there’s going to be an audit. How can we get our regular work done with strangers looking over our shoulders?
  • We keep meaning to have a planning meeting but we get bogged down with a lot of complex questionnaires we got off the internet.  Is there any way to simplify the process?  (Hint:  There’s a document already prepared for your business every year that’s a great template for planning.)

And there are more.  Plus, you can custom-design your own.  Want to share the platform?  Sure.  We can tailor it so you and members of your team can enrich the presentation by integrating your own material.

These seminars are quick — about 25 minutes of presentation, with about the same amount of time for Q & A.  Contact me to start designing and scheduling one today!

“As an organization, Balance Point is hyper focused on its core competencies, Payroll, Time and Labor Management and HR.  It’s imperative for us to form relationships with experts who have the ability to take on high level projects on a variety of topics for our many clients and partners.
Mike Shapiro fits that profile to a tee and has a unique ability to shine a light on the issues that organizations struggle to address but know they need to.  He does so in such a way that it’s non-threatening, logical and makes buy-in a natural event.
Mike provides tailored solutions for executive management training, performance and compensation management to name a few.  Mike is the perfect complement to take an HR department to the next level! “
– Pete Luciano, Co-Founder of Balance Point Payroll